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Who regulates – The all-knowing Government from a position of total control or institutions based in the development of practice….

by Julia Evans on April 3, 2012

Well, of course, the all-knowing Government using Privy Council power, See below: Letter published in the  Daily Telegraph – 3rd April 2012  and available here Regulating dentists  SIR – The (…)

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What escapes when regulation is used to address risk…

by Julia Evans on March 14, 2012

What is good for the goose (Financial Services) is good for the gander (services or treatments within the Government’s high-risk (mental) health industry).   At the bottom, there are some (…)

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It is now officially evidence-based: NHS will have to ration further treatments…

by Julia Evans on February 27, 2012

The evidence, as reported in The Guardian  [i], is :  ‘A representative survey of 821 GPs in England, commissioned by the Nuffield Trust health thinktank.’ The conclusion:  ‘The NHS is (…)

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Sadeian power, the UK Government……… & CON-sultations

by Julia Evans on February 3, 2012

Contents   1)  A further post to : my response to a Government CON-sultation, assumptions & the concrete wall which protects the collaborators & excludes everyone else. 2)  How (…)

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The Government’s reforms to the NHS? A car crash in slow motion playing out before our very eyes. Stephen Wright

by Julia Evans on January 6, 2012

We’re spending millions, billions, on changes for which there was no electoral mandate, for which there is no need, based on fundamentally flawed thinking that competition, not co-operation delivers the (…)

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How Government Action goes wrong…. ‘The report says the department pushed ahead without undertaking basic project approval checks, taking decisions before testing the ideas for feasibility.’

by Julia Evans on September 20, 2011

My comments  and the title are provoked by the report of the Fire service Reorganisation as in the Guardian[i]   From the Guardian report: – Margaret Hodge, the Labour chair (…)

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Laing was rattling the cage of an establishment with vested interests who did not like to be questioned or held to account.

by Julia Evans on September 6, 2011

The title comment is from Bruce Scott[i] .   This comment is extremely important as the UKCP, BPC, BACP, and other members of the New Savoy Partnership  are currently sewing (…)

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‘Manchester calling’ For what?

by Ian Parker on August 12, 2011

Manchester’s ‘northern quarter’, an area targeted for regeneration – cheap hostels, clubs, old textile businesses and new cafe bars – was, on the Tuesday evening, rapidly shutting up shop. There (…)

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Ethics: the Sadean & Kantian position and how the Lacanian psychoanalytic position differs

by Julia Evans on July 28, 2011

Hello, Jean-Louis Gault’s commentary on ‘Kant with Sade’ starts distinguishing the Kantian position of working for the Good (the one the Government takes within Mental Health, Education, Social Work, etc) (…)

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Registration and Regulation – an attempt at an update and the Government’s Happiness/Wellbeing Factories reappear

by Julia Evans on May 19, 2011

Index of topics: 1) Power & control 2) Registration 3)  The use of regulation to produce Government standard Happiness –  Increased Access to Psychological Therapy  (IAPT) again 1)  Power & (…)

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