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Tribute to Thomas Szasz (April 15th 1920 – September 8th 2012)

by Julia Evans on October 18, 2012

Available here Thomas Stephen Szasz, M.D., 92, died at his home in Manlius, N.Y. on September 8, 2012. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1920, and emigrated to the (…)

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‘policy-based evidence, not evidence-based policy’ : John Kay speaks

by Julia Evans on October 16, 2012

Full quote: ‘These commercial decisions often reflect policy-based evidence, not evidence-based policy. Doing the deal is what matters: …. ‘ Quoted from: The brashness and bravado in big deals by (…)

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Giles Fraser reinterpretes ‘Kant avec Sade’ around Occupy London at St Paul’s

by Julia Evans on October 14, 2012

There are a series of relevant articles waiting to be posted. I have given up saving to the desktop as it is now covered with urgent postings.  The new file (…)

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CHRE (PSA) reports on how they are progressing in their regulatory capture of ‘talking therapists’ onto their ‘voluntary registers’ regulated by statute…….

by Julia Evans on September 17, 2012

Please find below Stop Press At the bottom of this post is a message received from within Parliament, in response to the circulation of this post.  Any further correspondence will (…)

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Do the ‘evidence-based’ results of brain scanning debunk Freud both scientifically and in the clinic?

by Julia Evans on September 5, 2012

  My attention was caught this morning by a report by Tom Feilden on the BBC Today programme, titled ‘How neuroscience could help explain human emotions’[i]. ‘So what?’, I hear (…)

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The ‘Fat Controllers’ in the DoH dictate THE law with the agreement of both Houses of Parliament

by Julia Evans on August 13, 2012

The DoH’s response to Bruce Scott’s open letter sent to the CHRE’s CON-sultation. Available here Open Letter to the CHRE/PSA on Accreditation Standards  or here Bruce Scott receives a reply, from within (…)

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Interview with Eric Laurent : 20th July 2012 (Israel) : by Or Ezrati , published in Haaretz

by Julia Evans on July 20, 2012

This interview marked the publication of ‘Lost in Cognition’ in Hebrew. Note 1 : Or Ezrati met Éric Laurent during his recent visit (July 2012) to Israel as a guest (…)

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The UK Government’s ethnic or practice cleansing of talking therapies: a response to CHRE/PSA consultation

by Julia Evans on July 10, 2012

  Response to CHRE/PSA Consultation: Accreditation standards for organisations that hold voluntary registers for health and social care occupations: 17 April 2012 to 10 July 2012 Addressed to: Council for (…)

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English context of Autism in relation to medical and other political formulations

by Julia Evans on June 30, 2012

For your action (UK):the Law Commission’s CON-sultation which closes on 31st May 2012

by Julia Evans on May 28, 2012

Thank you to the informant who spotted this. This Government is exceeding the last Government’s standards of CON-sultation.  It CON-sults those who it knows will say ‘yes’. Your action is (…)

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