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‘Manchester calling’ For what?

by Ian Parker on August 12, 2011

Manchester’s ‘northern quarter’, an area targeted for regeneration – cheap hostels, clubs, old textile businesses and new cafe bars – was, on the Tuesday evening, rapidly shutting up shop. There (…)

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To limit or not to limit: to be or not to be, that is the question

by Julia Evans on August 11, 2011

‘We risk justifying greed by suggesting that the things we want are potentially unlimited.[i] ‘ Giles Fraser Limits based in relationships or limits enforced top-down with rules and regulations to (…)

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Ethics: the Sadean & Kantian position and how the Lacanian psychoanalytic position differs

by Julia Evans on July 28, 2011

Hello, Jean-Louis Gault’s commentary on ‘Kant with Sade’ starts distinguishing the Kantian position of working for the Good (the one the Government takes within Mental Health, Education, Social Work, etc) (…)

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The two laws, limits and position: a new post

by Julia Evans on July 10, 2011

Hello, This commentary, see below, revolutionised how I construct the workings of Absolute Power.  This form of power motors the Privy Council, Health Professions Council – HPC, Skills for Health (…)

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Registration and Regulation – an attempt at an update and the Government’s Happiness/Wellbeing Factories reappear

by Julia Evans on May 19, 2011

Index of topics: 1) Power & control 2) Registration 3)  The use of regulation to produce Government standard Happiness –  Increased Access to Psychological Therapy  (IAPT) again 1)  Power & (…)

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Comments on the HPC’s declaration of aims – 31st March, 2011

by Julia Evans on April 11, 2011

Note:  the reason regulation has been taken from the Health Professions Council (HPC) is that the Lord Chief Justice on December 10th 2010 was extremely rude about the way Parliament (…)

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Same old, same old at the HPC: HPC council meeting Thursday 31st March 2011

by Bruce Scott on March 31, 2011

Here are some themes that came up in discussion during the meeting. The Health Professions Council (HPC) are still keeping in mind ‘protection of public’ -or still repeating this mantra that (…)

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An anonymous personal testimony: Putting the State Wellbeing strategy to work……..

by Julia Evans on February 10, 2011

Hello, This personal testimony is impressive.  It was provoked by the circulation of the Government’s strategy for Mental Health on 2ndFebruary – see Collaborators win: Putting the State Wellbeing Strategy to (…)

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Battle positions : Health and Social Care Bill January 19, 2011

by Julia Evans on February 1, 2011

The Government-defined battlefield of Wellbeing & (Mental) Health[1] Against the Government: the position of regx2 From its principles [2],  regx2 is interested in those who consult practitioners of ‘Psychological therapies’ as well (…)

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“I do not regard the need for resolutions, affirmative or negative, as a sufficient protection against the increasing, apparent indifference with which this legislation comes into force.”

by Julia Evans on December 15, 2010

Quote from Professor Lord Norton’s blog: ‘Lord Chief Justice on the Public Bodies Bill’ The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, appeared before the Constitution Committee this morning (15th December, 2010).  (…)

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