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Psychoanalysis, Politics and the Social Bond : acting as a 1-subject, outside of ideals : 5th November 2017 (London)

by Bruno de Florence on November 5, 2017

This is a recording of Bruno de Florence,’s presentation at an open meeting of the Earl’s Court Clinical Group’s explorations within the Lacanian clinic, in London, on Sunday 5th November (…)

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New incarnations of the desire for democracy in Europe : 31st October 2017 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on October 31, 2017

Towards the European Forum “Determined Desires for Democracy in Europe” of 18th November 2017 in Turin. This follows the July 2017 conference, see here Circulated by EuroFédération de Psychanalyse : (…)

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The National Audit Office’s investigation into the performance data of IAPT services.

by Julia Evans on August 14, 2017

So I got to be so laid-back, I completely mistook the date. Nonetheless, the following has been sent within the National Audit Office. Its receipt has not been acknowledged. Have (…)

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Segregation, subversion, separation : 4th May 2017 : Guy Poblome

by Julia Evans on May 4, 2017

Towards Pipol 8 : 4th European Congress of Psychoanalysis : The clinic outside-the-norms (La Clinique hors-les-normes): 1st & 2nd July 2017 – Brussels Circulated by EuroFédération of Psychoanalysis (EFP) : From: PIPOL 8 : (…)

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The symptom in the perspective of the speaking body in civilisation (audio) : 19th May 2016 (London) : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on May 19, 2016

Last in a seminar series, The Speaking Body is Today’s Unconscious – Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century, arranged by London Society of the New Lacanian School and Kingston University (in (…)

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The Unconscious and the Body Event : the full interview : July 2015 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on July 5, 2015

Translated by Philip Dravers p178-187 of The Lacanian Review : Issue 01 : Spring 2016 Available here In French: Probably L’inconscient et l’événement de corps, entretien avec Éric Laurent : (…)

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Psychical reality in action

by Julia Evans on September 18, 2014

In my post How are Freud & Lacan evidence-based?  (Available here), I refer to Sigmund Freud’s arguments in The Project for a Scientific Psychology: 23rd & 25th September & 5th (…)

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Review of Testimony of Experience: Docta Ignorantia and the Philadelphia Association Communities : 2014 : Bruce Scott

by Julia Evans on July 1, 2014

Declaration of Interest: This reviewer was a member of the cartel[ii] where the author tried out his ideas, before writing. This cartel (and the reviewer) is mentioned in the book’s Acknowledgements. (…)

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The cartel and the real : 14th March 2014 : Catherine Lacaze-Paule

by Julia Evans on March 14, 2014

Translated : Janet & John Haney Published : PAPERS Nº 6, Electronic Newsletter of the Action Committee of the School One, 2013—2014 Edition : towards World Association of Psychoanalysis Conference, (…)

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Politics, ethics, regulation and the talking therapies : current positions emerging from Parliamentary debate

by Julia Evans on November 20, 2013

Thank you Andrew Samuels for circulating this article: Abhorrent ‘cure’ for homosexuality will not be banned, says Government minister. Psychotherapists trying to convert gay patients to hetrosexuality is “wholly abhorrent” a (…)

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