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Seminar X: The Anxiety (or Dread): 1962-1963: begins 14th November 1962: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on November 14, 1962

This is the start of a work-in-progress to track down the references to which Lacan refers in Seminar X.  In particular, help is requested on references to Freud and finding (…)

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The Shofar (The Ram’s Horn): 1919: Theodor Reik with preface by Sigmund Freud

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1919

Contents of this post: Development time-line Availability Publications in English The Shofar’s Index Freud’s Preface Beginning of the book review (1931) ‘Shofar’ as referenced by Jacques Lacan Development time-line 1913: (…)

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