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Notes from Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 (p132 & top p133) : Discussion with Victor Smirnov on René Spitz’s ‘Yes and No’ : Reading Group of 7th September 2013

by Julia Evans on September 7, 2013

The discussion, Seminar VII : 3rd February 1960 : p132, is abbreviated in the translation and those Lacan invites to comment are missed out.  The complete discussion, on ‘René Spitz’s (…)

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The Primal Cavity : a contribution to the genesis of perception and its role for psychoanalytic theory : 1955 : René Spitz

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1955

Published :  The Psychoanalytic study of the Child : 1955 : Vol 10 : p215-240 Available [here] 7th December 2018 : To request a copy of any text whose weblink does not work, contact (…)

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