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This pace of moral decision-making poses insuperable challenges to several ways of thinking about right and wrong…. Giles Fraser

by Julia Evans on January 20, 2012

Quotes from: ‘A regiment forms a moral soldier’ by Giles Fraser, Church Times. 20th January 2012 and available here.   My reason for interest in this article is the difference between (…)

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Three contexts or meanings within which the talking therapies are held……….

by Julia Evans on January 19, 2012

Hello,   My previous post giving details of the debate at the Institute of Psychiatry has, finally, got me posting one of my scribblings from the past. The following was (…)

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Trust no one with your money [or health] is the tragic legacy of the crisis

by Julia Evans on January 18, 2012

[Crisis in Health: Government implementation of NICE, Skills for Health, HPC, CHRE & closure of NHS provision in favour of contracted-out services ‘scientifically’ evaluated.]   Quote from ‘Trust no one (…)

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The Government’s reforms to the NHS? A car crash in slow motion playing out before our very eyes. Stephen Wright

by Julia Evans on January 6, 2012

We’re spending millions, billions, on changes for which there was no electoral mandate, for which there is no need, based on fundamentally flawed thinking that competition, not co-operation delivers the (…)

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What’s new?: Clinical decisions within current paradigms: Two case studies: & Seminar X: Anxiety (or Dread) – a) references b) Kierkegaard

by Julia Evans on December 29, 2011

Hello,   1)  Clinical Decisions within current paradigms:   In the following reflection, Philippe traces some of the differences with the ‘scientific’ paradigms in use. This is the foundation for (…)

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The Importance of Being Scientific, an Earnest Reflection

by Philippe Grisar on December 8, 2011

Psychoanalysis is often refuted for not being scientific. Of course it isn’t scientific when one restricts science to neo-positivism. Neo-positivism is an epistemology, a theory of science. This stands for (…)

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Jacques Lacan’s texts on the principles of power as applied to a treatment and tackling power and control within psychoanalytic organisations

by Julia Evans on November 24, 2011

The following LacanianWorks pages have web-links to English translations of relevant texts by Jacques Lacan :   The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of its Power:10th-13th July 1958 (…)

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Adopt a peer……. re: Health and Social Care Bill 2011

by Julia Evans on October 10, 2011

I know this is almost too late and it seems the TUC are encouraging you to let your voice be heard in Parliament.  Worth a go!  J Dear Julia, Somebody (…)

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Proposal for cooperation: Against Government action: John Rowan speaks

by Julia Evans on October 5, 2011

PROPOSAL FOR COOPERATION   John Rowan (Co-Chair, Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain)   Humanistic psychology is in danger.  The rise of behaviourist therapies, financed by the Government in this (…)

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The collation of information on Government action continues…

by Julia Evans on September 29, 2011

BAAT  (British Association of Art Therapists) has had the same brilliant idea for action.   On Wednesday 28th September 2011, BAAT sent out an information request.  If you are currently (…)

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