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Burning Questions : 19th April 2017 : Justine Junius

by Julia Evans on April 19, 2017

Quote : In this issue of My Way we see how scientific discourse comes to occupy an increasingly prominent place in the clinic and how this is also concordant with (…)

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Two letters for your attention: the bps tells Parliament why it should not be swallowed whole into the domain of the Privy Council & Earl Howe, the Government’s Standards Zsar within Health, commands a reply to 3 of my emails.

by Julia Evans on November 13, 2012

Hello, 1)  This post gives the British Psychological Society’s position on statutory regulation as at 9th January 2009, before the matter was debated in the House of Lords.  They did not want it, (…)

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CHRE (PSA) reports on how they are progressing in their regulatory capture of ‘talking therapists’ onto their ‘voluntary registers’ regulated by statute…….

by Julia Evans on September 17, 2012

Please find below Stop Press At the bottom of this post is a message received from within Parliament, in response to the circulation of this post.  Any further correspondence will (…)

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The ‘Fat Controllers’ in the DoH dictate THE law with the agreement of both Houses of Parliament

by Julia Evans on August 13, 2012

The DoH’s response to Bruce Scott’s open letter sent to the CHRE’s CON-sultation. Available here Open Letter to the CHRE/PSA on Accreditation Standards  or here Bruce Scott receives a reply, from within (…)

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English context of Autism in relation to medical and other political formulations

by Julia Evans on June 30, 2012

The Law Commission’s consultation on regulation of health and social care professionals: a response: 31st May 2012: Julia Evans

by Julia Evans on May 31, 2012

Contents 1)  The Law Commission’s consultation on regulation of health and social care professionals 2)  Julia Evans’s response to this further CON-sultation 3)  The Law Commission’s acknowledgement of receipt 4)  (…)

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For your action (UK):the Law Commission’s CON-sultation which closes on 31st May 2012

by Julia Evans on May 28, 2012

Thank you to the informant who spotted this. This Government is exceeding the last Government’s standards of CON-sultation.  It CON-sults those who it knows will say ‘yes’. Your action is (…)

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Sadeian power, the UK Government……… & CON-sultations

by Julia Evans on February 3, 2012

Contents   1)  A further post to : my response to a Government CON-sultation, assumptions & the concrete wall which protects the collaborators & excludes everyone else. 2)  How (…)

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So who is in bed with whom (part 1)? & further on the Government’s CON-sultation mechanisms

by Bruce Scott on September 28, 2011

Dear Julia (JE: Bruce’s comment was sent to me in an email),   From my recollection the Command paper, setting out the voluntary registers scenario, came out in Feb 2011. (…)

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It seems as though the HPC has died and been reincarnated into the PSA (formerly CHRE), a bit like when Doctor Who dies and comes back in a different form.

by Bruce Scott on September 22, 2011

(Julia Evans writes: The following is an email response to Laing was rattling the cage of an establishment with vested interests who did not like to be questioned or held (…)

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