Interview with Eric Laurent : 20th July 2012 (Israel) : by Or Ezrati , published in Haaretz

by Julia Evans on July 20, 2012

This interview marked the publication of ‘Lost in Cognition’ in Hebrew.

Note 1 : Or Ezrati met Éric Laurent during his recent visit (July 2012) to Israel as a guest of the tenth conference of the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, in Tel Aviv. The theme of the conference was “Reading a Symptom.”

Note 2 : Further details of the English edition of ‘Lost in Cognition’ : Lost in Cognition: Psychoanalysis and the Cognitive Sciences : 2014 : Éric Laurent  or here

Note 3 : New Lacanian School – Messager . This message does not appear to be still available. Originally circulated as Subject: [nls-messager] 500/ Interview with Eric Laurent in Haaretz : Date: 25 July 2012 at 22:21:35 BST

Text available here

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