Anxiety Constituent and Constituted : (probably Rome) 16th July 2006 : Jacques-Alain Miller

by Julia Evans on July 16, 2006

Extract of Jacques-Alain Miller’s presentation, at the 2006 WAP Congress: Le nom-du-père, s’en passer, s’en servir [The Name-of- the-Father, doing without it, putting it to use] :

Extract translated by Kieran O’Meara :

Published SCRIOBH – the New Newsletter of the ICLO-NLS (Irish Circle of the New Lacanian School) : Issue 1 – 1st February 2017 : here

Also available here

In French:

Angoisse constituée, angoisse constituante : published by : here

Note : this was probably presented in Rome on 16th July 2006 as it includes the following quote (See below for access to the Leguil text) :

The anxiety which must be done without is – as François Leguil showed us in the first presentation – the development of anxiety, its Entwicklung, its half- baked muddle by which the subject is held captive and which inhibits the act. That anxiety is certainty refused, anticipation and refusal of the certainty which the act would produce.

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