The Reality of the Object and Economic Point of View : 25th July 1955 (Geneva) : Francis Pasche & Michel Renard

by Julia Evans on July 25, 1955

Read at the 19th International Psycho-Analytical Congress in Geneva, 24-28 July 1955.


1) Francis Pasche and Michel Renard, “Réalité de l’objet et point de vue économique”, Revue Française de Psychanalyse, XX, Octobre–Décembre 1956, no. 4, pp. 517–24.

2) International Journal of Psycho-Analysis-IJP, Vol 37, 1956, p282-285

Translated by Joyce McDougall

Available [here]

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Quoted by Jacques Lacan in Seminar IV :  12th December 1956 : Text & Notes forthcoming : See Seminar IV : The Object Relation & Freudian Structures 1956-1957 : begins 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan or here

Both authors contribute to

La psychanalyse d’aujourd’hui, Work published under the direction of S. Nacht in collaboration with ‘M. Bouvet, R. Diatkine, A. Doumic, J. Favreau, M. Held, S. Lebovici, P.Luquet, P. Luquet-Parat, P. Male, J. Mallet, F. Pasche, M. Renard, Preface by E. Jones and J. de Ajuriaguerra, G. Bordarracco, M. Benassy, A. Berge, M. Bonaparte, M. Fain, P. Marty, P.C. Racamier, M. Schlumberger, S. Widerman ; P.U.F ; 1956′  which is referred to on p4 of Seminar IV : 21stNovember 1956. See Notes & References for Jacques Lacan’s Seminar IV : 21st November 1956 by Julia Evans on 28thFebruary 2017 or here

Further information : Clinical analysis : 1956 : Maurice Bouvet or here

Jaques Lacan examines Ruth Lebovici’s case study in Seminar IV : 19thDecember 1956. This was originally presented at the same Congress as this paper and is available with notes on the relationships : Perversion sexuelle transitoire au cours d’un traitement psychoanalytique (French only) : July 1955 (Geneva) : Ruth Lebovici  or  here

History of Jacques Lacan’s relations to this group

See here, in the end note, for a historical perspective of Jacques Lacan’s relationships to this group.

Notes and references to Seminar IV :

Seminar IV : The Relation of Object and Freudian Structures 1956-1957 : from 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan or here


Julia Evans

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