Present without a body – absence, lack, & loss in the work of a cartel : 12th December 2020 (Zoom Intercartel Meeting) : Ganesh Anantharaman

by Julia Evans on December 12, 2020

Presented at an Intercartel Meeting on the 12th December 2020 via Zoom. Two cartels of the New Lacanian School ( )participated – members and their declared topic are

Meeting Participants

From Cartel 1 – Being a body & having a body 

Julia Evans (plus-un) Sandwich, Kent & London, UK, Topic Cutting as interpretation on a/the body. 

Ganesh Anantharaman, Chennai, India, Topic  Jouissance & body event? 

Lorena Rivero de Beer, Liverpool, UK. Topic  Zazen & the embodiment of emptiness – symptom/body event. 

Marcin Zaremba, London, UK  Topic  Treating anorexia as a body event. 

From Cartel 3 – Bodily Effects of Language

Nicolas Duchenne (plus-un), Rotherhithe, London, UK Topic The real father is an effect of language 

Giuseppe Covelli, Amsterdam, Netherlands Topic   The body at the place where a word should have been spoken 

Owen Hewitson, East London, UK, Topic   Idioms of Distress – Appeal, Nomination, and Other Ways to Say   

Greg Hynds,  North London, UK, Topic  Subject and body

Josephine Rostron   North West London, UK  Topic  An elaboration of the presence of the body in the psychic structure

Both these cartels areworking towards the NLS Congress, Ghent & Zoom,  22 & 23 May 2021 : Bodily Effects of Language

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References & their availability

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Why does this interest us? It is because what is true at the collective level is also true at the individual level.

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