Note to the Italians : April 1973 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on April 1, 1973

Publication of ‘The Italian Note’ in English

Note: Although this is usually translated as the Italian Note, it is more accurate to state ‘Note to the Italians’

A)  Letter to three Italian Lacanians: Contri, Drazien and Verdiglione.

Translated by Jack W. Stone

Published by University of Missouri. Their site is here

Available here

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In French, together with Jack W. Stone’s translation : here

This letter of Jacques Lacan was addressed in April 1973 to three Italian psychoanalysts: Verdriglione, Contri and Drazien.

B) The Italian Note

Published by

Translated by Cormac Gallagher:

Available here.

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C)  Note to the Italian Group,

Translated by Russell Grigg

in Analysis No.7, Centre for Psychoanalytic Research, Melbourne, 1997.

Published in French

i)  Published in Spirales, 1981 no 9, p60 (Date given as 1974)

ii)  Published in French at: Ornicar 25, 1982, Seuil (Date given as April 1973)

iii) In Autres Écrits, Paris: Seuil, 2001. See Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan : Information & availability here

General description

Quoted from Cormac Gallagher, www.lacaninireland, available here

This is one of three texts where Jacques Lacan deals with the structure of a psychoanalytic organisation:

1)    1964: a) The founding act b) Adjunct to the founding act c) Preamble to the founding act - See  ‘Founding Act’ 21st June 1964: Jacques Lacan  or here

2)    1967: The proposal on the analyst of the School - See ‘Proposal of 9th October 1967 
on the psychoanalyst of the School’: Jacques Lacan  or here

3)    1973: The Italian note  

A second description

From Jacques Lacan (Volume I) (RLE: Lacan): An Annotated BibliographyBy Michael P. Clark : Routledge

E249 “Directives” 1 April 1974 A4 p155-64

Addresses the problem of conducting an Italian school of psychoanalysis along Lacanian lines, and describes the principles according to which the formation of the analyst must take place. Among those principles Lacan mentions the absolute self-authorization of the analyst, which he describes as the cornerstone of Lacanian psychoanalysis; the distinction between the A.M.E. (l’Analyste Member de l’École) and the A. E. (l’Analyste de l’École); and the importance of les passeurs in the procedure of la passe.  Reprinted with E250 as “Note Italienne” Ornicar? 25 (1982): 7-10

E250. “Lettre adressée à trois psychanalystes italiens” Dated 1974 (but see the version in Ornicar? Noted below). Spirales 9 (1981) : 60

Affirms the importance of la passe to any school based on the analytic technique developed by Lacan, and briefly describes other tenets crucial to the formation of an analyst

Reprinted in La lettre mensuelle de l’École de la cause freudienne 9 (1982) : 2. Also reprinted with E249 as Note italienne in Ornicar? 25 (1982) : 7-10, but this version is dated April 1973.


Julia Evans

Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst, Earl’s Court, London


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