Intervention, during Seminar VII, on Hans Sperber’s “On the Influence of Sexual Factors on the Origin and Development of Language” (as commented on by Ernest Jones) and sublimation : 9th March 1960 (p164) : Mme Hubert

by Julia Evans on March 9, 1960

Available only in French here

I have been unable to establish anything about Madame Hubert.

This is omitted from Seminar VII : 9th March 1960 : p164 of Dennis Porter’s translation, Routledge edition : Supplementary note (A curious case of sublimation) to Chapter XII (A critique of Bernfeld).

Note : Jacques Lacan was in Brussels at this time. See below for texts. Therefore either the dates are wrong or he was not present. He refers to this visit Seminar VII : 16th March 1960 : Chapter XIII – The Death of God : p169 of Denis Porter’s translation and Seminar VII : 23rd  March 1960.

Lecture I, Regarding Morality, Freud Has What it Takes : Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis, Brussels : 9th March 1960 : Jacques Lacan

Lecture II, Can Psychoanalysis Constitute the Kind of Ethics Necessitated by our Times?: Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis, Brussels : 10th March 1960 : Jacques Lacan  :

Available here

The articles on which Madame Hubert comments are:

1) Ueber den Einfluss Sexueller Momente auf Entstehung und Entwicklung de Sprache “On the Influence of Sexual Factors on the Origin and Development of Language” : 1914 : Hans Sperber : Published in Imago I : I have been unable to find a copy either in German or in English translation.

2) The Theory of Symbolism : 1916 : Ernest Jones : Published 1) British Journal of Psychology : Vol 9 : no 2 : Oct 1916 & 2) Ernest Jones : Papers on Psycho-Analysis : Fifth edition : 1948 : p87-144 : Available here

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