Kant with Sade: April 1963: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on April 1, 1963

1)     ‘Kant with Sade’ by Jacques Lacan.

Published in English

a) translated by J. B. Swenson in ‘October’ MIT Press, Mass. 1989.

‘Kant with Sade’ translated James B. Swenson Jr, October, vol 51, p55-75, 1989.

Available here

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See Richard G. Klein’s website, www.Freud2Lacan.com, Translations by James B. Swenson, Jr, William J. Richardson & Bruce Fink available here

Notes to James B. Svenson’s translation

Annotations to “Kant with Sade”
Author(s): James B. Swenson, Jr.
Source: October, Vol. 51 (Winter, 1989), pp. 76-104 Published by: The MIT Press

Available at Richard G. Klein’s website www.Freud2Lacan.com : here 

b) translated by Bruce Fink in: ‘Jacques Lacan: Écrits – The first complete edition in English': W.W. Norton & Co: 2005: p645 onwards : See here

For Translator’s Notes to Fink’s translation of Kant avec Sade, see Richard G. Klein’s website, www.Freud2Lacan.com, available here

2)     The essay ‘Kant with Sade’ was to have served as a preface to ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’.  It was published in the journal ‘Critique’ (CXCI, April 1963) as a review of the edition of Sade’s works for which it was intended: the 15-volume set brought out in 1963 by Éditions du Cercle du livre précieux.

3) Published in French, ‘Kant avec Sade’, in ‘Écrits': Jacques Lacan: Paris Éditions du Seuil: 1966: from p765-790. See Écrits : 1966 : Jacques Lacan or here.


Julia Evans

Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst, Earl’s Court, London


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