Who regulates – The all-knowing Government from a position of total control or institutions based in the development of practice….

by Julia Evans on April 3, 2012

Well, of course, the all-knowing Government using Privy Council power,

See below:

Letter published in the  Daily Telegraph – 3rd April 2012  and available here

Regulating dentists 

SIR – The Public Accounts Committee reports that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a “story of failure” and raises concerns that it will not be up to the challenge of registering GP practices later this year (report, March 30). Quite right.

The cumbersome bureaucracy that was forced upon the dental profession a year or so ago is needlessly using up scarce CQC resources. I am not aware that there is a problem of babies dying or the elderly being abused in dental surgeries, and yet CQC inspectors, most of whom know nothing about dentistry, are required by law to waste astonishing amounts of dentists’ and their own time. This pushes up the costs of British dentistry while diverting the CQC from more pressing necessities.

This profession is already regulated by the General Dental Council, which has been somewhat emasculated in recent years. It would be far better and would save money if the legislation was amended so that dentistry is no longer the concern of the CQC, and instead for the General Dental Council’s regulatory role to be properly funded and carried out, with an increase in the number of dentists thereon who actually understand dentistry.

Quentin Skinner

Chairman, DPAS Dental Plans

Tisbury, Wiltshire


So by their action, the Government emasculates a well-tried organisation which holds the practice of dentistry and implements their own version, based in a top-down, Privy-Council power, with standards drawn up in committee rooms of experts, supping coffee no doubt.  No doubt, so they can appear in their favourite role of Lord High Protector of Everything & Everyone.

Thank you to my informant for spotting this.