Welcome to the first session of Reading Jacques Lacan: Seminar VII: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis.

by Julia Evans on September 15, 2012


I am Julia Evans and this is Bruno de Florence.  The only reason for us speaking at the start is that this group has been devised between us.

We wish to thank Iconea, and Richard Dumbill in particular, for hosting us and enabling this to happen.

I hope you have all got a copy – if not ask to look at your neighbours. We will start to read shortly.

Why read the book?  This seminar was spoken by Lacan. The seminars start on November 18th 1959 and finish on July 6th 1960. So the reading will be passed around the group with everyone reading a couple of pages to the end of a paragraph, to approach the seminar from listening to speech.

Additionally, please note that Bruno will be reading the French edition, to check the translation.  Thank you Bruno.

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions or comment as we read through.

Further to our exchanges during the reading, you are all encouraged to join the google group The-Letter where, it is hoped, the exchange of views and information will continue. Visit this group here .   I also welcome contributions to the web-site LacanianWorks, which has a section for this reading group, here. Please add your comments to the bottom of posts.

A word of admin:  Would you please complete your name and e-address on the sheet of paper which will be circulated.  I also send out reminders of meetings through the Google calendar.  I would be most grateful if you would reply to these e-mails and indicate whether you will be present or absent.

I suggest that we catch up with each other afterwards in the Marlborough Arms on Torrington Place.

Are there any comments or questions?  Let’s begin.

Future session dates:

Saturday 6th October

Saturday 27th October

Saturday 17th November

Saturday 8th December

Timing: From 10.30am until 12.30

Location: University of London’s 
Senate House,
 Malet Street,

The dates for the spring term will be circulated in November.