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We risk justifying greed by suggesting that the things we want are potentially unlimited.

by Julia Evans on August 5, 2011

Giles Fraser states: On growth, he began where I am, worried about sustainability. But, in the course of conversations with bankers and business people, he has changed his mind, arguing (…)

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LW cartel: Jouissance & symbolic (dis)order

by Julia Evans on July 30, 2011

Our cartel is registered with the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis at Cartels Catalogue 2011-2012 The focus of our cartel work will be Eric Laurent’s article: ‘The Symbolic Order in the (…)

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The Hacker

by Bruno de Florence on July 26, 2011

As part of a recent cartel session on the symbolic order in the 21st century, I did a presentation commenting on the case of a hacker as portrayed in a (…)

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The two laws, limits and position: a new post

by Julia Evans on July 10, 2011

Hello, This commentary, see below, revolutionised how I construct the workings of Absolute Power.  This form of power motors the Privy Council, Health Professions Council – HPC, Skills for Health (…)

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Forced Compliance in NHS: The dumbing down of thoughtfulness

by Bruce Scott on July 4, 2011

From job description of an NHS Trainee Child Psychotherapist post. “To take an evidence-based approach and show preparedness to collaborate with outcome measurement and generally comply with clinical and social (…)

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The Hacker: a description of his life: 3rd July 2011: Abul Taher

by Julia Evans on July 3, 2011

This material is commented on by Bruno de Florence, as his contribution to the July 2011 LacanianWorks Working Group meeting. His commentary is available here. Hello, Reason for posting this (…)

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The distinction between Scientific knowledge and Subjective knowledge……. a new post

by Julia Evans on June 29, 2011

Hello, This article presented to a group working on Lacan’s ‘Science and Truth’ provoked me into an exploration of the different positions involved with relations to the two types of (…)

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The Government’s outcomes measurements – Education

by Julia Evans on June 28, 2011

The Government is not just running a high-risk health industry, it is also in total control of the country’s education industry.  And the Government’s Education Factories, in this case the (…)

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Lacan with D. W. Winnicott : 25th June 2011 (Dublin) : Joanne Conway

by Julia Evans on June 25, 2011

Presented at ICLO-NLS (Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation – New Lacanian School) Open Seminar “Lacan with the Post-Freudians”, Dublin, 25th June 2011 Available here Availability of references:  a committee (…)

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Registration and Regulation – an attempt at an update and the Government’s Happiness/Wellbeing Factories reappear

by Julia Evans on May 19, 2011

Index of topics: 1) Power & control 2) Registration 3)  The use of regulation to produce Government standard Happiness –  Increased Access to Psychological Therapy  (IAPT) again 1)  Power & (…)

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