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‘Meno’, Montaigne and the ‘Docta Ignorantia’: Some thoughts and comments on the weak symbolic in the 21st century

by Bruce Scott on January 21, 2012

Plato’s Dialogue, ‘Meno’, (written in the middle of the fourth century B.C.E.  [i]) is a wonderful example of an anti-technological and anti-systemizing stance towards psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. In the ‘Meno’, (…)

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This pace of moral decision-making poses insuperable challenges to several ways of thinking about right and wrong…. Giles Fraser

by Julia Evans on January 20, 2012

Quotes from: ‘A regiment forms a moral soldier’ by Giles Fraser, Church Times. 20th January 2012 and available here.   My reason for interest in this article is the difference between (…)

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The Sadeian position in Jacques Lacan’s Seminar X & LacanianWorks posts

by Julia Evans on January 16, 2012

Background   During the Monday 16th January 2012 ‘Reading Seminar X Group’, questions emerged from Lacan’s use of ‘concentration camps’. [Beginning paragraph of the 27th February 1963 session: Chapter XII (…)

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The Government’s reforms to the NHS? A car crash in slow motion playing out before our very eyes. Stephen Wright

by Julia Evans on January 6, 2012

We’re spending millions, billions, on changes for which there was no electoral mandate, for which there is no need, based on fundamentally flawed thinking that competition, not co-operation delivers the (…)

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Jacques Lacan’s texts on the principles of power as applied to a treatment and tackling power and control within psychoanalytic organisations

by Julia Evans on November 24, 2011

The following LacanianWorks pages have web-links to English translations of relevant texts by Jacques Lacan :   The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of its Power:10th-13th July 1958 (…)

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Against Neuro-metaphors (video): 30th September 2011 : New York : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on September 30, 2011

Laurent Éric – Against Neuro-metaphors (video) Presented in a seminar with these speakers : Éric Laurent, Marie-Hélène Brousse, Pierre-Gilles Guéguen: Organised by PULSE : Paris-US Lacan Seminar : on September 30 (…)

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So who is in bed with whom (part 1)? & further on the Government’s CON-sultation mechanisms

by Bruce Scott on September 28, 2011

Dear Julia (JE: Bruce’s comment was sent to me in an email),   From my recollection the Command paper, setting out the voluntary registers scenario, came out in Feb 2011. (…)

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It seems as though the HPC has died and been reincarnated into the PSA (formerly CHRE), a bit like when Doctor Who dies and comes back in a different form.

by Bruce Scott on September 22, 2011

(Julia Evans writes: The following is an email response to Laing was rattling the cage of an establishment with vested interests who did not like to be questioned or held (…)

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How Government Action goes wrong…. ‘The report says the department pushed ahead without undertaking basic project approval checks, taking decisions before testing the ideas for feasibility.’

by Julia Evans on September 20, 2011

My comments  and the title are provoked by the report of the Fire service Reorganisation as in the Guardian[i]   From the Guardian report: – Margaret Hodge, the Labour chair (…)

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Witnessing to the humanity of the other is the place where all moral reasoning must begin: The Revd Canon Giles Fraser

by Julia Evans on September 16, 2011

Quote from:  The Revd Canon Giles Fraser, BBC Radio 4, Thought for the Day (16 September 2011)  available here  or here. Further quote: And the way a liberal culture does this, he (…)

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