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Guiding Remarks for a Congress on Feminine Sexuality : 1958 [Presented in Amsterdam, 5th September 1960] : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1958

Published in ‘Jacques Lacan & the École Freudienne:  Feminine Sexuality’ Edited by Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose Macmillan: 1982 Availability of Editors’ Preface, Bibliography, etc : Commentaries & Information from (…)

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Womanliness as a masquerade : 1929 : Joan Rivière

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1929

Published: 1)  International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 1929, Vol 9, p303-313 Available here in word (This reference has been made available by Bruno de Florence ) 2)  Or  p89-102 of Joan Rivière, (…)

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Letter to Ernest Jones of 4th June 1922 : Letter 364 : Sigmund Freud

by Julia Evans on June 4, 1922

This is an examination by Sigmund Freud of Ernest Jones’ analysis of Joan Rivière. Note: Previous correspondence from Jones to Freud of 22nd May 1922 Letter 359 & 26th May (…)

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