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How are Freud & Lacan evidence-based?

by Julia Evans on September 15, 2014

This material is taken from notes I made before the Saturday 6th September meeting. They have been expanded to include comments from the group, for which my thanks. My project, (…)

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Reason for ‘Interrogating Freud & Lacan’, suggested topics & how you may join in

by Julia Evans on July 14, 2014

Quote: We are thus presented with a new task which had no previous existence: the task, that is, of investigating the relations between the manifest content of dreams and the (…)

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Comments on Aristotle & What is a human being?

by Bruno de Florence on June 22, 2014

Following the coffee talk of 21 June 2014 : Seminar 7 reading group Aristotle puts in place differential elements between vegetals, animals and humans in DE ANIMA. ­Some automatic signifiers (…)

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Meeting of the Seminar VII Reading Group on Saturday 31st May 2014: news & references

by Julia Evans on May 12, 2014

Reading Jacques Lacan’s Seminar VII : The Ethics of Psychoanalysis We start reading at Seminar VII : 18th May 1960: Ch XVIII : p238 of the Dennis Porter translation, published (…)

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Seminar VI : 3rd June 1959 : Ernest Jones & the term castration complex

by Julia Evans on April 16, 2014

Quotation from Seminar VI (Availability given here) : 3rd June 1959 (23) : p292 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation : Simply I am articulating this angle, this flash, this moment that (…)

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Notes on Seminar VII : 11th May 1960 : p227 : the fable of Adam and Eve

by Julia Evans on April 10, 2014

In preparation for the meeting on 12th April, the Adam & Eve story is available here  in the King James Authorised Version : Book of Genesis, Ch2 v7 to Ch (…)

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The cartel and the real : 14th March 2014 : Catherine Lacaze-Paule

by Julia Evans on March 14, 2014

Translated : Janet & John Haney Published : PAPERS Nº 6, Electronic Newsletter of the Action Committee of the School One, 2013—2014 Edition : towards World Association of Psychoanalysis Conference, (…)

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Notes on Seminar VII : 4th May 1960 : p212 to 214 : the barrier of desire

by Julia Evans on March 10, 2014

Discussed at the Reading Group of 8th March 2014 A note from Bruno de Florence: Related to what we last read (a) in Sem 7 (b) on the barrier of (…)

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Pierre Kaufmann’s Commentary on Siegfried Bernfeld & Sergei Feitelberg’s Death Drive & Entropy : Seminar VII, 27th April 1960, p204-205 : Notes towards Reading Group of 22nd February 2014

by Julia Evans on February 2, 2014

The commentary is not translated or included in Dennis Porter’s translation of Seminar VII.  See VII : 27th April 1960 : p204 : Parenthesis, The Death Drive According to Bernfeld. (…)

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Seminar VII : 30th March 1960 : p193 : Comments on εὐδαιμονία : Reading group of 1st February 2014

by Nicholas Stylianou on February 1, 2014

Quote: … – the only commandment is henceforth “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” The whole thing is articulated as such in the Gospel, and it is there that (…)

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