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Sigmund Freud & Hilda Doolittle : a transference contextualised

by Julia Evans on April 28, 2014

In Miquel Bassols’ text, here , he refers to an example of transference between Hilda Doolittle (See endnote [i]) and Sigmund Freud. (See endnote  [ii]). Sigmund Freud’s letter (See endnote (…)

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A Tribute to Freud, Writing on the Wall (1944) : Advent (1933 to 1934) : Hilda Doolittle

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1944

Hilda Doolittle : H.D. A Tribute to Freud: Writing on the Wall-Advent, Published by David R. Godine: Boston, 1974 Original link given by The Paradoxes of Transference : 15th February (…)

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