Freud Forever – An Interview with Panorama by Emilia Granzotto : 1974 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1974

This interview was originally held in French and subsequently translated into Italian for publication in the magazine Panorama in 1974. It was later translated back into French by Paul Lemoine. The whereabouts of the original French transcript remains a mystery. This English version is based on the French translation, but with reference to the Italian, thus rectifying a few inaccuracies in the Lemoine translation published in La Cause du désir, No. 88.

Translated into English by Adrian Price & published in Hurly Burly Issue 12 : January 2015 : p13 – 21

Available here

References to texts by Freud

The Interpretation of Dreams: 1st November 1899 (published as 1900): Sigmund Freud : Availability given here

Beyond the Pleasure Principle: 1920g : Sigmund Freud

Totem and Taboo: 1912-1913 : Sigmund Freud : You will find Freud’s paper in English with the original German text laid out in the right hand column : published by : available here : Reference found by Bruno de Florence

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