Update on progress of the LW Translation Working Group

by Julia Evans on May 16, 2012

Translation is now in progress. We each commit to translating paragraphs from a text which is held in an electronic file. So far, we have made a first attempt at page 1.

If you would like to join in, please contact me.

The text

‘De la psychanalyse dans ses rapports avec la réalité: December 18th 1967′. Below, please find a web-link to the text in French, which is also published in Autres Écrits, 2001, Paris: du Seuil.

Working method :

The aim is definitely not for perfection.  It is to produce a good-enough document to be posted on LacanianWorks.  The group works electronically – for further details please contact.

Any further volunteers are welcome!

Thank you


De la psychanalyse dans ses rapports avec la réalité: December 18th 1967: Conférence donnée à l’institut français de milan, le 18 décembre 1967 à 18 h 30, in Scilicet n° 1 pp. 51-59, Paris, Seuil, 1968.

Available, in French, here

Also p. 354 of Autres écrits: Paris, Éditions du Seuil: 2001

Group Members:

Bruno de Florence – musicologist, co-curator of Lutecium and Iconea Fellow. Lives in London.

David Thépaut – a professional French translator who has been involved in Lacanian psychoanalysis for 15 years, both in practice (through my own analysis in Paris) and theory (through attendance of various seminars, readings and incorporating the psychoanalytic reading to research in linguistics). David lives in New York City.

John Holland – an American living in Nantes & involved with all things Lacanian. More information at http://j.holland.free.fr/

Julia Evans – English, practices as a Lacanian in London, and has French to a schoolgirl level, only. More details are available in the contributors’ section of www.lacanianworks.net, at the bottom of the right hand column.

Marcos Abel – a Brazilian psychoanalyst living in Brazilia, Brazil