Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group Public Meeting : Tuesday 20th November 2012 : Denis Postle

by Julia Evans on November 21, 2012

1)  Denis Postle’s note of the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group public meeting – reproduced with the author’s permission

2) Extracts from: NHS, Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group, Commissioning Intentions 2013/14

1)  From:   Denis Postle

Subject: Commissioning meeting in Feltham

Date:    21 November 2012 10:26

I went to the Hounslow clinical commissioning group (HCCG) public meeting last night (Tuesday 20th November 2012) in Feltham.

A few headlines:

The HCCG is overseen by the Hounslow Public Health and Well-being Board.

There are 54 general practices in the HCCG. Last night there was lots of optimistic chat about how GP’s would be in control of the £700+ million annual budget however overall, GP’s were the power baseline – patient voices seemed an awkward but necessary inconvenience – for us Chiswick patients, notice of the three public meetings came after the second one had been held. My suggestion that GP’s have blogs and Facebook pages so that anyone can get into the conversation seemed like an innovative bolt from the blue at the meeting!

Anchor Counselling is the provider for this very large area of London. ‘Anchor counseling’ has a considerable presence in the US but this may be coincidence. Their web-site doesn’t mention IAPT but that was what was clearly being expected from them at last night’s meeting. There is a commitment to reduce the waiting time for the present 12 weeks for an appointment to 3 weeks in 2013/14.

A key document defining what can/can’t/must/should be done is Shaping a Healthier Future. It may be worth noting, pp34-35, that with the possible exception of the director of Anchor Counselling, the very long list of ‘partners’ doesn’t include any psychotherapists, counsellors or psychoanalysts.

Hounslow already have Health Champions, one of them from Diabetes UK, was there last night.

The clarity, optimism and openness that Susan Jeffers, CEO of the HCCG, brought to the meeting last night (no irony intended) were strikingly reminiscent of Christine Braithwaite’s presentations of the PSA (formerly CHRE) – as though there were a cloning programme we hadn’t heard about.

Another recent government document that seemed to have almost biblical status last night is The NHS Mandate 2012

‘The mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board sets out the objectives for the improvement of health and healthcare. Through the mandate, we are asking the NHS Commissioning Board to achieve the things that really matter and make a difference to people.’

See the mental health page for key elements of the government’s intentions.

Lastly re ‘health inequalities ‘we must do something about about how it is that for every tube station away from central London we lose years of life’ Kensington and Chelsea were quoted as the benchmark centre.

When I asked if there was enough money for the enterprise being outlined this produced a series of moments of hesitation in Susan Jeffers which suggested that as a result of the 7% year on year reduction that this programme is intended to make feasible, there were some out of sight tensions.

There is certainly a pupation/metamorphosis process under way in Hounslow – will the Health and Wellbeing result be a butterfly or a beetle… too soon to say.




2)  Extracts from:


Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group

Commissioning Intentions 2013/14 (available here for 2012/13)

Hounslow CCG – who are we? (P2 of 2013/14 Commissioning Intentions)

•A first wave pathfinder, recognised by NHS London for its forward thinking

•54 Hounslow practices

•Led by 9 local GPs from practices in Hounslow, Brentford, Chiswick, Isleworth and Feltham

•One of the largest CCGs in London, meeting the needs of a diverse population of approximately 280,000 registered patients

•In 12/13 NHS Hounslow’s budget is £431m of which 70% (£304m) has been delegated to HCCG.

•The HCCG Board (Governing Body) is made up of 9 GPs, a nurse, a hospital consultant, as well as representatives from public health, the Local Authority, a Lay member, and LINKs representative. The Board meetings are held in public.

•The CCG has been assessed by the NHS Commissioning Board in preparation for being a statutory body from April 2013

Mental Health (p18 of 2013/14 Commissioning Intentions)

•During 13/14 we will be implementing the North West London mental health strategy.

•Hounslow CCG will ensure GP access to consultant advice.

•We will develop clarified pathways and thresholds for assessment, entry into and discharge from secondary care mental health services.

•We will ensure a single point of access into psychological therapies where this is not already in place and that these services are appropriately targeted at people with long-term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms.

•We will develop enhanced primary care services which enable more people with a severe mental illness to be effectively supported by their GP

•HCCG will ensure that all child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) services to be compliant with Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and reporting requirements.

•We will specify and tender primary care counselling and IAPT services with particular focus to people with long term conditions, older people, carers and women suffering with post natal depression.

•HCCG will develop and agree a pathway for people with cognitive impairment, ensuring people are cared for in the most appropriate way.

•We will review specialist CAMHS, ensuring children are placed in the most appropriate setting and across tiers 2-3 with particular focus on developing an in borough provision for children with learning disabilities who have mental health issues.


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