Searching LacanianWorks to retrieve….

by Julia Evans on May 8, 2013

Searching on LacanianWorks has been updated.

 Ways to find information

1) Put your key words into the space next to Search – towards the top of the right hand column. A list, with your key words highlighted in a tasteful crimson red, will appear.  Your key words will also be highlighted in the text of the post.

2)  The categories – these are also found in the right hand column.  The four main categories, shown below, are subdivided.  Sometimes there is a third generation of category and then the posts are listed.  I particularly recommend category 4 – where to find references.  In the category ‘By author’, then either ‘Freud Sigmund’ (Posts for the “Freud Sigmund” category or here ) or ‘Lacan Jacques’  (Posts for the “Lacan Jacques” category or here )shows you all the posts referring to works by these authors.  There are also 4 posts which are regularly updated:

Lacanian Works

Sigmund Freud’s texts available electronically  or here

References to Sigmund Freud within LacanianWorks  or here

Jacques Lacan in English or here

References to Jacques Lacan’s texts in LacanianWorks posts. Or here

The four main categories

with some of the subdivisions for category 1.

1. Networking & Politics (634)

A. Ethics (76)

B. Policy (282)

c. Processes of Governance in use (93)

Risk & Protection & Safety

d. Assumed knowledge

C. Strategy (178)

Mental Health

The UK Government (120)

D. Tactics (62)

2. Works in Progress from the Lacanian (Freudian) field (320)

3. Applied LacanianWorks (125)  

4. Where to find references (309)