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I am Julia Evans who thinks this site a good enough idea to act.  I hope you find something to interest you.

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Why Lacanian Works?

Lacanian:  I was first recommended to Jacques Lacan in the mid 1980s and started exploring Lacanian texts, then engaging with a Lacanian analysis. I now practice as a Lacanian.

Works because over the years I have produced many works in the Lacanian field, some of which are published here. Others have kindly contributed to this site. See Contributors near the bottom of the right column.


Two areas covered:

1) Struggles with intrusion of Government driven regulations into the treatment of those suffering symptoms of ‘Mental Illness’ and lack of ‘Wellbeing’

The idea of Lacanian Works emerged from regx2 (regulation and registration) grouping.  Regx2 was created as a circulation list in 2005 from conversations about Government action.  The principles by which regx2 acts are given in the category, About regx2, in the column to the right. Other texts are mainly found here. See Category 1, and its sub-categories, on the right.

2) Papers, conversations, seminars, reading groups, working groups within the Lacanian field & access to relevant texts in English.

These are mainly found here in 9 sections. Clinical material is found in the “3. Applied LacanianWorks” category – see right.

Even though some no longer meet, these texts are regularly updated.

Working Group to start in the Autumn of 2014

Interrogating Freud & Lacan – a series of 7 seminars – Call for registration‘ gives details. This examines the use of formalisations (mathematical, topological, etc) within psychoanalysis. Further information is in the category: Interrogating Freud & Lacan or here  Please download and circulate the poster from here. Note: To participate, pre-register by 4th September 2014.

There will be regular updates of topics, reading lists and texts emerging from the conversation, available here.

Background References

Please note:

– the date is the date of its first appearance when presented or published.

– information is in the form: Author: Title: Web-link to information on availability . If no web-link is shown, please request a copy from Julia Evans.

The entries are presented by year, then by author, then by title. Except for linked presentations which are kept together.

For further details, look in Category 4 here or, by Author, here, or click on the author of your choice, as shown in Categories – see the right hand column.

– Sigmund Freud – here & Jacques Lacan – here


Yves Vanderveken : Discreet Signs in Ordinary Psychoses – Clinic and Treatment : Information here


Éric Laurent : Psychoanalysis and the Post-DSM Crisis : Information here

Éric Laurent : Lost in Cognition: Psychoanalysis and the Cognitive Sciences : in French 2008 & English 2014 : Information here

Gil Caroz : Moments of Crisis : 10th May 2014 (Ghent) : Information here

Francisco-Hugo Freda : The Seventh Chapter of Seminar VI : 26th April 2014 : Information here

Jacques-Alain Miller : The Unconscious and the Speaking Body : Paris : Information here

Catherine Lacaze-Paule : The cartel and the real : 14th March 2014 : Information here

Miquel Bassols : The Paradoxes of Transference : 15th February 2014 : Information here

Éric Laurent  : Racism 2.0 : 26th January 2014 : Information here


Marco Focchi: The real cause is the non necessary cause: 8th December 2013: information here

Denis Postle: Introduction to the psyCommons (video) : 2nd November 2013 : Information here

Éric Laurent : On the real in a psychoanalysis : 17th October 2013 : Information here

Jorge Assef : The Zombie Epidemic: Hypermodern Version of the Apocalypse: 25th September 2013: Information here

Dominique Holvoet :  What Cannot Be Said: Desire, Fantasy, Real : 11th September 2013 : Information here

Jacques-Alain Miller : Presentation of Jacques Lacan’s Seminar VI (2nd part) Paris :  26th May 2013 : Information here

Jacques-Alain Miller :  The Other without Other :  19th May 2013: given in Athens, Greece : Information here


Éric Laurent : Psychosis, or Radical Belief in the Symptom : 17th June 2012 :  given in Tel Aviv, Israel: Information here

Dorothea Huber, Johannes Zimmermann, Gerhard Henrich, Guenther Klug : Comparison of cognitive-behaviour therapy with psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy for depressed patients – A three-year follow-up study :  17th November 2012 : Information here

The New Economics Foundation (nef) : Everyday insecurity: Life at the end of the welfare state: November 2012: interim briefing:  available here

Jacques-Alain Miller: The real in the 21st century: Information here


Seminar: September 30 – October 2, 2011:
Barnard College, New York, USA

Éric Laurent: Lacan as Analysand (video): Information here

Éric Laurent: Against Neuro-metaphors (video): Information here

Éric Laurent: Psychoanalysis & Our Time (video): Information here

Marie-Hélène Brousse: Everlasting Couch? (video):  Information here

Marie-Hélène Brousse: Beyond Prince Charming and Pink Swords (video): Information here

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen: Hypermodern Families (video): Information here

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen: Light and Shadows on a Case of Gay Bashing (video): Information here


Éric Laurent: ‘The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century: Consequences for the Treatment’ : presented in July: Information here


Irving Kirsch: The Emperor’s New drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth : Book review here


Éric Laurent : Lost in Cognition: Lost in cognition- Psychanalyse et sciences  : in French 2008 & English 2014 : Information here

Thomas Svolos : “Ordinary Psychosis” Note ♯1: Paris English Seminar : Information here


Gil Caroz  : Three names in the inexistent seminar : Information here

Éric Laurent : Guiding Principles for Any Psychoanalytic Act: Information here

Pierre Skriabine : Knot and Name-of-the-Father : Information here

Éric Laurent : Ordinary Psychosis : Information here

Eric Laurent : An excerpt from an interview of Éric Laurent by Jacques Munier on Ordinary Psychosis : Information here


Richard G. Klein: Introduction to ‘A bi-lingual edition of Schreber’s Memoirs of my mental illness/ Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken’ : further information here


Éric Laurent : How to recompose the Name-of-the Father : Information  here


Éric Laurent  : The Real and the Group : Information here : Note, 2000 is the date when it was published in English. It has not been possible to ascertain whether this is  the original publication date.

Rosemary Dinnage : Introduction to D. P. Schreber’s ‘Memoirs’ : Information here


Massimo Recalcati: The Empty Subject:  Un-Triggered Psychoses in the New Forms of the Symptom : Information here


Serge Cottet: Gay Knowledge, Sad Truth:  Information here


Shin’ya Ogasawara: The Instance (Agency) of the Letter in the Japanese Unconscious:  Availability and further details here

Jean Michel Vappereau : KNOT 
The Theory of the Knot Outlined by Jacques Lacan : Information here


Pierre Skriabine: Drive and Fantasy: Information here


Pierre Skriabine,: Clinic and Topology: The Flaw in the Universe, The Clinic of the Borromean Knot : Information here


Richard Klein : Notes on the Foundations : Information here


Éric Laurent : Institution of the Phantasm, Phantasms of the Institutions (E.C.F., Paris) : Information here


Éric Laurent : Alienation and Separation in Seminar XI (Paris) : Information here


Éric Laurent : Melancholia, the Pain of Existence and Moral Cowardice : October 1988 : Information here


Bice Benvenuto & Roger Kennedy: The works of Jacques Lacan: an introduction:

a) Contents & Introduction : Information here

b)  Chapter 1: First Works: 1926-1933: Information here

c)  Chapter 2 The Mirror Stage (1936): Information here

John Cutting & Michael Shepherd : Preface and Introduction (The Clinical Roots of the Schizophrenia Concept): Information here

Jeanne Lafont: The Ordinary Topology of Jacques Lacan: Information here


Jacques-Alain Miller: Extimité or Extimacy : Information here


Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose : Editor’s Preface, and more, from ‘Jacques Lacan & the École Freudienne:  Feminine Sexuality’ : Information here

Juliet Mitchell : Introduction – I to ‘Jacques Lacan & the École Freudienne: Feminine Sexuality’:  Information here

Jacqueline Rose: Introduction – II to ‘Jacques Lacan & the École Freudienne: Feminine Sexuality’: Information here

John P. Muller and William J. Richardson : A Reader’s Guide to Écrits: Information  here


Schneiderman Stuart: Lacan’s Early Contributions to Psychoanalysis: Information here

Stuart Schneiderman: The Other Lacan: Information here


Alan Sheridan : Translator’s note, Bibliography Note & Index of Freud’s German terms from ‘Écrits: a selection’ : Information here


Samuel Weber: Introduction to Schreber’s ‘Memoirs of my nervous illness’: Information here


Anika Lemaire : Jacques Lacan : Information here


Jacques-Alain Miller : Classified index of the major concepts & Commentary on the graphs from ‘Écrits: a selection’ : Information here

Symposium at The Johns Hopkins Center, Baltimore, USA, 18th – 21st October 1966. General information about this event here

Richard Macksey: Lions and Squares: Opening Remarks: Information here

René Girard: Tiresias and the Critic: Information here

Charles Morazé: Literary Invention & Discussion: Information, including Jacques Lacan’s interventions, here

Georges Poulet: Criticism and the Experience of Interiority & Discussion: Information here

Eugenio Donato: The Two Languages of Criticism: Information here

Lucien Goldman: Structure: Human Reality and Methodological Concept & Discussion, Donato-Goldman: Information, including Lacan’s interventions, here

Tzvetan Todorov: Languages and Literature: Information here

Roland Barthes: To Write: An Intransitive Verb? & Discussion: Barthes-Todorov: Information here

Jean Hyppolite: The Structure of Philosophic Language According to the “Preface” to Hegel’s ‘Phenomenology of the Mind’ & Discussion: Information here

Jacques Lacan: 21st October 1966: Of Structure as an inmixing of an Otherness prerequisite to Any Subject Whatever: Information here

Guy Rosolato: The Voice and the Literary Myth & Discussion: Information here

Neville Dyson-Hudson: Structure and Infrastructure in Primitive Society: Lévi-Strauss and Radcliffe-Brown & Comments: Information here

Jacques Derrida: Structure, sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences & Discussion: Information here

Jean-Pierre Vernant: Greek Tragedy: Problems of Interpretation: Discussion: Information here

Nicolas Ruwet: Linguistics and Poetics & Discussion: Information here

Richard Macksey, René Girard & Jean Hyppolite: Concluding Remarks: Information here


Georges Poulet: The Metamorphoses of the Circle: information here


Serge Leclaire : The Dream with the Unicorn – Pôor(d)j’e-li : Information here

Pierre Kaufmann : Commentary on Siegfried Bernfeld’s & Sergei Feitelberg’s Death Drive & Entropy, Seminar VII, 27th April 1960 : Information here

Mme Hubert : Intervention, during Seminar VII, on Hans Sperber’s “On the Influence of Sexual Factors on the Origin and Development of Language” (as commented on by Ernest Jones)  and sublimation (in French only) : 9th March 1960 : Information here

Pierre Kaufmann : Intervention on Sigfried Bernfelt ‘Observations on Sublimation’ given during Seminar VII on 2nd March 1960 : Information here

Jacques Lacan, Victor Nikolaevitch Smirnoff or Smirnov, Yvan Audourd, Jean Laplanche,&  Unknown : Discussion during Seminar VII on 3rd February 1960 : Information here


Jean-Bertrand Lefèvre-Pontalis : Seminar VII, Presentation on the ‘Entwurf’ and the relation to reality : information here


Serge Leclaire : Philo, or the Obsessional and His Desire: information here

James Strachey : Editor’s Introduction (Psycho-Analytic Notes on an autobiographical account of a case of paranoia (Dementia Paranoides) [Case of Schreber] : Information here


Ludwig Binswanger : Extravagance, perverseness, manneristic behaviour and schizophrenia : Information here

Serge Leclaire : Jerome, or Death in the Life of the Obsessional: Information here

Lucia E. Tower : Countertransference: Information  here


René Spitz : The Primal Cavity : a contribution to the genesis of perception and its role for psychoanalytic theory : information here

Ida MacAlpine & Richard Hunter: Translator’s introduction & analysis of the case of D. P. Screber:  information here


Jean Hyppolite: A spoken commentary on Freud’s ‘Verneinung’ : Information here

James Strachey : Editor’s Introduction to Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams : Information here


Ella Sharpe : An unfinished paper on Hamlet: Introduction and extracts : Published posthumously : Information here


Ernst Kris : Ego psychology and interpretation in psychoanalytic therapies (Case ‘fresh brains’) : December 1948 [Published 1951] : Information here


Siegfried Bernfeld : An unknown autobiographical fragment by Freud : Information here

Ella Sharpe : From King Lear to the Tempest : Information here


Hilda Doolittle : H.D. A Tribute to Freud: Writing on the Wall (1944)-Advent (1933-1934) : Information here


Helene Deutsch : Some forms of emotional disturbance and their relationship to schizophrenia (known as the ‘as if’ case) : Information here


Edward Glover : The Psycho-analysis of Affects : information here


Ella Sharpe : Analysis of a single dream : information  here


Ella Sharpe : Similar and Divergent Unconscious Determinants Underlying the Sublimations of Pure Art and Pure Science : Information here


Melitta Schmideberg : Intellectual Inhibition & disturbances in Eating (Dream ‘fresh brains’) : Information here

Edward Glover : The relation of perversion-formation to the development of reality-sense : Information here


Edward Glover : On the Etiology of Drug-addiction : Information here


Siegfried Bernfeld & Sergei Feitelberg : The Principle of Entropy and the Death Instinct (Der Entropiesatz und der Todestrieb) : Information here

Edward Glover : Sublimation, substitution and social anxiety : Information here


Melanie Klein : The importance of symbol-formation in the development of the ego : Information here


Melanie Klein : Infantile Anxiety-Situations Reflected in a Work of Art and in the Creative Impulse :  Information here

Joan Rivière : Womanliness as a masquerade : Information here

Ella Sharpe : Certain aspects of Sublimation and Delusion:  Information here

Ella Sharpe  : The Impatience of Hamlet : Information here

Felix Boehm : The Femininity-Complex in Men : 12th November 1929 (Germany) : Information here


Eugene Minkowski : The essential disorder underlying schizophrenia and schizophrenic thought : Information here


Ernest Jones: Essays on Applied Psycho-Analysis (includes ‘A Psycho-Analytic Study of Hamlet’) : Information here

Melanie Klein : Infant Analysis: Information here


Siegfried Bernfeld : Bemerkungen über Sublimierung (Observations on Sublimation) : Information here


Gaétan Gatian de Clérambault : Psychoses of passion : Information here

Michael Josef Eisler:  A Man’s Unconscious Phantasy of Pregnancy in the Guise of Traumatic Hysteria—A Clinical Contribution to Anal Erotism : Information here


Theodor Reik: The Shofar (The Ram’s Horn) with Preface by Sigmund Freud: information here


Ernest Jones : The Theory of Symbolism : Information here


W. Leslie MacKenzie : Introduction to Sigmund Freud’s ‘On Dreams (1901)’ : information here


Philippe Chaslin : Discordant insanity : Information here


Ernest Dupré & Jean Logre : Confabulatory delusional states : information here


Ernest Jones : The Oedipus Complex as an explanation of the Hamlet mystery: A study on motive : 1910 : Information here


Paul Sérieux & Joseph Capgras: Misinterpretative delusional states : information here


Eugene Bleuler : The prognosis of dementia praecox: the group of schizophrenias : information here


Daniel Paul Schreber: Memoirs of my nervous illness: Information here


Emil Kraepelin : Dementia Praecox : information  here


Franz Wedekind: Spring Awakening: Information here


Søren Kierkegaard : The Concept of Dread (Anxiety): Information here


Marquis de Sade: Philosophy in the (Boudoir) Bedroom: Information here


Immanuel Kant: The Critique of Practical Reason: Information here