About Philippe Grisar

I am a Lacanian analyst and psychologist whose private practice is in Sint-Niklaas (between Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium). I work with children, youngsters and adults which makes my practice varied. I volunteer as a psychoanalyst with the Red Cross Refugee centre in Sint-Niklaas where I am involved in sessions of inter-vision (‘super’-vision). Last term, I was an invited lecturer the college Kaho St.Lieven. Now I took on some interesting work on art (identity and self-portrait) in a project with Stef Van Bellingen. I was also a commentator in the Artists Village (http://www.warp-art.be/en/activiteiten/portfolio/kunstenaarsdorp2012.php)

Psychoanalysts in the Artist Village… An impression of an extimate experience

November 22, 2012

Note: This is reproduced, with permission, from philippegrisar.be, and is available here. This page is a text on experience as a ‘commentator’ in the Artists’ Village. Introduction: Kort relaas over (…)

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The Importance of Being Scientific, an Earnest Reflection

December 8, 2011

Psychoanalysis is often refuted for not being scientific. Of course it isn’t scientific when one restricts science to neo-positivism. Neo-positivism is an epistemology, a theory of science. This stands for (…)

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(Dis-)connections. The Treatment of an 11 Year Old Boy

April 2, 2011

Many cases of child psychosis present symptoms that fit the DSM IV criteria for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Tim, an 11 year old boy, had been diagnosed as such. (…)

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