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Fantasy and the Limits of Enjoyment: ‘The Mother-Daughter Relationship’: Thread and Needle

by Pierre Naveau on January 8, 2004

I will speak about the last page of Lacan’s text ‘Kant with Sade’, where Lacan writes: Of what Sade is lacking here, we have forbidden ourselves to say a word (…)

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The ‘TRUTH’ of Kant’s moral law : Fantasy and the Limits of Enjoyment

by Jean-Louis Gault on October 1, 2003

A commentary on Jacques Lacan’s ‘Kant with Sade’ I am very glad to be back here in London and want to thank you for being here with me, on this (…)

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On the Right Use of Supervision : May 2002 : Éric Laurent

by Julia Evans on May 1, 2002

Originally published as Du bon usage de la supervision : Éric Laurent in La Cause freudienne, 05/2002, n°51. – pp. 123-133 In English translation: Translated by Heather Chamberlain Published by Published (…)

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An explanation of Jacques Lacan’s use of cartels in organisational structure

by Julia Evans on November 1, 1997

by  Julia Evans,   November 1997[i] Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst who was excluded from the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) in the 1950s and founded his own School – L’École (…)

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Moment of Truth: the Newman reference

by Philip Boxer on November 26, 1995

Introduction In Seminar XI, Lacan asks what are the fundamentals of psychoanalysis through asking what grounds it as praxis. In searching for an answer to this question, he introduces two (…)

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Seminar XIII : The Object of Psychoanalysis : 1965-1966 : from December 1st 1965: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on December 1, 1965

Title: Seminar XIII: The Object of Psychoanalysis: 1965-1966: Presented by Jacques Lacan Notes: 1) Seminar XIII began on 1st December 1965. This first session has been published as ‘Science and (…)

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