“The Unconscious is Political”, Milanese Intuitions 1 & 2 : 15th & 22nd May 2002 (Paris VIII) : Jacques-Alain Miller

by Julia Evans on May 15, 2002

Note from Alasdair Duncan’s translation 

Published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, Issue 34, ‘The Real and the Social Bond’, December 2019. 

These two lessons (15 & 22 May 2002) form part of Jacques-Alain Miller’s 2001-02 course. The Disenchantment of Psychoanalysis : The Lacanian Orientation, an annual seminar delivered within the framework of the Department of Psychoanalysis, University of Paris VIII. The first of these lessons was delivered three days after Miller had been in Milan delivering an improvised lecture for a study day marking the event of the foundation of the Lacanian School of the Freudian Field in Italy. That lecture was given on the theme of the study day: “Psychoanalysis in the City”. A version of these lectures, translated by Thelma Sowley, was published in Mental no 11, 2002, p9-16, and Mental No 12, 2011, 2003, p5-14.

Notes from Thelma Sowley’s translation:

[Invited last May 12 to Milan for the creation of the Lacanian school of the Freudian Field in Italy, Jacques-Alain Miller improvised a talk on the theme chosen for this study day: “Psychoanalysts in the City.” In the text that follows he pursues the theme for his Course in Paris three days later, after a six-week interruption for vacation.] 

Part 1

“The Disenchantment of Psychoanalysis, The Lacanian Orientation”, course given under the auspices of the Department of Psychoanalysis of the University of Paris VIII, May 15, 2002; text established by Nathalie Georges, published with the authorization of J.-A. Miller. 

Published in Mental 11 (2002) pp. 9-16 Milanese Intuitions [1] 9 Edition on “Analysis in the Age of Globalisation” 

Part 2

“L’orientation lacanienne,” course given by Jacques-Alain Miller in the Department of Psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VIII, May 22, 2002; text established by Marie-Hélène Doguet-Dziomba and Nathalie Georges, published with the authorization of J.-A. Miller. 

Publication & Availability

Available in French from p239 of http://jonathanleroy.be/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2001-2002-Le-désenchantement-de-la-psychanalyse-JA-Miller.pdf

Translated by Thelma Sowley, published https://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/The-Laboratory-for-Lacanian-Politics/Some-Research-Resources/Miller_Milanese-Intuitions-1-2.pdf

Download as translated by Thelma Sowley, at www.LacanianWorksExchange.net  /authors a-z or authors by date

Translated by Alasdair Duncan, published in Psychoanalytical Notebooks, Issue 34, Dec 2019, ‘The Real and the Social Bond’.

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