Jerome, or Death in the Life of the Obsessional: May 28th 1956 : Serge Leclaire

by Julia Evans on May 28, 1956

This paper was first read by Serge Leclaire before the Société Française de Psychanalyse on May 28th 1956.


1) ‘La Mort dans la vie de l’obsédé’ : La Psychanalyse: Vol 2: 1956: p111-140

2) Republished as ‘Jérôme, ou la mort dans la vie de l’obsédé’

in Serge Leclaire: ‘Démasquer le réel’ : Paris, Éditions du Seuil : 1971: p 121-146

3) Translated by Stuart Schneiderman:

Jerome, or Death in the Life of the Obsessional :

p94-113 of  ‘Returning to Freud: Clinical Psychoanalysis in the School of Lacan’ :1980 : Stuart Schneiderman (ed) : Yale University Press

Available here

References to Jacques Lacan:

P112: Our technical rules can often be formulated in pictures like this. Under the pretext of talking about technique, I would remind you also of the fantasy of the crocodile that I mentioned above. This permits me to say that practically, and in the concrete experience of the session, if the obsessional wants to be dead, the analyst, as Lacan recalls in his discourse at Vienna (“The Freudian Thing”: 7th November 1955), must himself play dead. In so doing and in knowing what he is doing, he uses the correct technique with the obsessional. This technique permits the patient to raise the cover of his tomb ever so slightly and ‘to risk an eye before risking a word.’

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